Bhutan Travel

Bhutan Travel

Population: 7,00,000 (1996)

Capital: Thimphu

Location: Bhutan lies between 89 degree and 92 degrees E and 27 degrees nd 28 degrees N.

Language: Dzongkha

People:There are two main population groups in Bhutan: the Dukpa (67%) of Tibetan and Monpa origin and Lhotsampa (of Nepalese origin).

The rest comprises of indigenous tribal groups such as Toktop, Doya and Lepcha of SW Bhutan.

You will discover in the Thunder Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan, true mystical bliss enveloped in its natural splendour. This Himalayan Paradise is still wrapped in a time, recollected by many as "those good old days". VVith modern transportation facilities, we can now comfortably experience the warm hospitality of its friendly people, the carefree Bhutanese lifestyle and the culture of this peaceful haven.

The Kingdom of Bhutan, is probably, the only protected Himalayan paradise still thriving in its natural splendour.

From the thick alpine forests to the cultured and friendly people, this pristine country exudes the colours of life and zest, typified by the yells from the zealous archers.

We offer a 10 Days Bhutan Trekking Tour.

10 Days Bhutan Trekking Tour

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